Why We Should End Pitting Ayesha Curry Against Kim Kardashian

Why We Want to end Pitting Ayesha Curry Against Kim Kardashian Immediately

The Story

Kim Kardashian may not be in a position to break the net, but damned if she are unable to put every thing on pause while we all panic about whatever she’s performing then. This week this is the web aftershocks and Twitter tidal swells as a result of the meteor-like influence of her most recent jaw-dropping naked selfie. 

How it happened? Well today, Steph Curry’s girlfriend Ayesha Curry started popular on Twitter. Why? Simply due to this fact tweet, which pits the lady against Kardashian in a battle of “bad girl” vs. “good woman.” 

The Snapshot

There’s two types of infant mamas/wifey….Choose carefully! pic.twitter.com/d2YrzHNFp3

The Lesson

Few difficulties with this option: firstly, 99.9percent of men will never be in a situation in which they may be pof pick up linesing between Kim Kardashian and Ayesha Curry. To your best of my knowledge, not even Kanye western or Steph Curry provides that problem.

Secondly, painting Ayesha Curry as a fantastic mom and Kim Kardashian as a woman of free morals produces a false dichotomy. As many people on Twitter revealed, Kim spends standard time with her kids also, and all we understand, Ayesha is delivering Steph jaw-dropping nudes on Snapchat after fighters are on car journeys. 

And finally, this concept reaches women in basic. If a lady wants to tweet a naked selfie, which is the woman business. If you’re uptight about that, which is your organization, not hers, nor Kanye’s. It does not color every one of the woman measures, or preclude the lady from becoming a great wife or mummy. And let’s not pretend… in the event that you appeared as good naked as Kim Kardashian really does, you’d wish the entire world to know, too.